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Tent, Semi-trailer
The mostly known type of trucks is suitable for the transportation of majority of types of cargoes. The loading can be done from sideway and above by removing the tent cover of the semi-trailer.

Loading capacity: 20-25t.
Useful volume: 60-92 cbm.
Capacity: 22-33 euro -pallets.

Tent "Jumbo"
Tent semi-trailer with bigger capacity which is achieved by the “G” shape of the floor and reduce of diameter of the wheels.

Loading capacity: to 20 t.
Useful volume: 96-125 cbm.
Capacity: 33 euro-pallets.

Tent vehicle + trailer. The advantage is fast loading/ unloading and larger useful loading volume. Weak point: not suitable for the transportation of long-length cargoes.

Loading capacity: 16-25t.
Useful volume: 60-120 cbm.
Capacity: 22-33 euro-pallets

Refrigerated truck/ frigo
Refrigerated semi-trailer Used for the transportation of the most perishable goods with special storage conditions: from +25 0C to -250C.

Loading capacity: 12-22t.
Useful volume: 60-92 cbm.
Capacity: 24-33 euro -pallets.
"European standard": 20 tons of 82 cbm. 32 pallets.

There can be a semi-trailer, truck-trailer and separate truck. Isotherm is intended for the transportation of food. It may keep a certain temperature for a long time.

Loading capacity: 3-25t.
Useful volume: 32-92 cbm.
Capacity: 6-33 euro-pallets

Flat Bed Truck
It is applied to the transportation of goods, steady against external influences. Is can be used also for the transportation of oversized cargoes.

Loading capacity: 15-25t.

Flat Bed and Low Bed Trucks for the Transportation of oversized cargoes
It is applied for the transportation of over-sized cargoes.

Loading capacity: 20-40t.

Lorry Tank
It is applied for the transportation of food and non-food liquid products.

Loading capacity: 12-20t.
Useful volume: 6-40cbm.

Timber Lorry
It is applied for the transportation of forest and trunk products.

Loaidng capacity: 10-20t.